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Backlight upgrade
The Official HP palmtop backlight homepage
Do you often have problems reading the screen in dim or dark environment, or do you want to use the palmtop in total darkness? The backlight upgrade makes that possible! Available for the 100LX, 200LX and 1000CX palmtops.

HP Palmtop Mailing List
HPLX Mailing List
Peter Eberl hosts the HPLX Mailing List and this is the best place to find answers to your palmtop questions. There are still several hundered active palmtop users on the list!

Cool Product!
Aegis Technologies' new IR-HP5 is the perfect hardware companion to the Transfile Win200 software. It allows you to transfer files and back up your palmtop at 57.6K bps over the palmtop's built-in infrared serial port. See this page for more information.

LED LIGHT - The palmtop screen light
Illuminate the screen of your palmtop!
Do you often have problems reading the screen in dim or dark environment, or do you want to use the palmtop in total darkness? The LED light is a good alternative to the backlight upgrade.

Frequently Asked Questions
The complete FAQ for DOS-based HPLX series palmtop computers.

Power System FAQ
Ian Butler's comprehensive FAQ to help you understand your HPLX's sophisticated power system.

Networking FAQ
Invaluable information on how to use a network card in your HPLX.

200LX Information Central
David Sargeant maintains and keeps it filled with unique and valuable palmtop information.

Learn From An Expert
Hacking With jorgen
jorgen Wallgren is one of the world's most knowledgable HPLX users and on his pages, he shares some of his best tips and tricks.

Receive Weatherfax on the HP palmtop
Weatherfax on the cheap
This article written by sailor and former LX user Owner tells step by step how to set up HFFAX for weatherfax reception.

Since 1996, the Simply Unbeatable Palmtop Essentials Repository has had one goal: to assemble the world's finest collection of software for the HPLX series of palmtop computers. With the tireless help of palmtoppers around the world, we have succeeded. Enjoy!

Other Download Sites
Simtel DOS archive
The Simtel DOS collection. Probably the biggest DOS program collection.

The Japanese "Vector" archive
Archive of Japanese programs for the palmtop. Many interesting programs, most of them with Japanese documentation.

The "Eddie archive"
A part of the old eddie ftp file archive (former, now hosted by Mike Kopplin.

Turn Your HP Palmtop Into An Electronic Map
LXMap Chart House
Using Stefan Peichl's ingenious LXMap software, you can create custom maps of just about anything imaginable. Over 20 maps are already on file and we will gladly post yours for others to use.

Synchronize your HP Palmtop with other organizers / handhelds

Domingo's HP/Palm synchronization page
Synchronize with a Palm device.

Daniel's HP/Rex synchronization page
Synchronize with a Franklin / Rolodex Rex.netanizer.

Curtis' Outlook/LX converter
For synchronization with everything which involves Outlook on a desktop computer.

200LX-internal synchronization of the phone book database with other applications (email programs, mobile phone, Quick/LX, PIM/PE...)

Information Overload
Database Repository
The built-in database is one of the most powerful applications on the HPLX and we have nearly 100 pre-built databases ready for you to load and use.

Currency Exchange Rates
Currency Conversion Macro Generator
A customizable system macro built in real-time using data we obtain from the Bank of Montreal every weekday.