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Currency Conversion Macro Generator by Peter Watkins

Currency Conversion Macro Generator

by Peter Watkins (

This page will build a System Macro for updating your Calculator's currency conversion function.

To use it, simply choose a currency for each of the 21 positions in the conversion table. The first country will be the base currency, i.e. the one by which others are compared.

A special thanks goes to the Bank of Montreal as this data is taken from their:

Currency Spot and Forward Rates page

The Currency Spot and Forward data is drawn from sources believed to be reliable; however, the Bank of Montreal cannot guarantee its accuracy and hence does not assume any responsibility or liability for it.

HV and NetTamer users:

We now have pre-built macros which you should be able to download without any problem. Also, if you have a shell account on a machine running Lynx, you can use that to access this page instead of the HV or NetTamer brow sers.

How to use the Macro:

  1. After you choose your currencies and press "Build my Macro" you'll get an intermediate page with a simple hyperlink. You can bookmark that page if you don't want to re-pick your currencies every time. After you click the hyperlink on the second page you'll get the binary macro MONEY.MAC which you'll want to save.
  2. Copy MONEY.MAC to your Palmtop. Press Ctrl-More to open the Macro editor and be sure you save your current macros.
  3. In the Macro editor, Menu-File/Open and open the MONEY.MAC file.
  4. Menu-Quit the Macro editor and press Fn-F1 to run the conversion. If you use Buddy's automatic macro loading feature, you should first turn off Buddy before running the macro.
  5. Once the Currency update macros are done they will attempt to "chain" F10 from the C:\_DAT\DEFAULT.MAC file (see p 23-3 in the US 200 LX manual). If you don't have a macro file there you'll get an error message. That's normal; just hit Escape.
Please note:Though we have tested the macros generated by this page, we cannot be held responsible for any damage that they might do. The conversion factors are not supplied by The Palmtop Network so their accuracy is dependent on our external source. Do not make any critical monetary decisions based on them without first checking their accuracy.

If you want to be very safe, backup your data before using these macros. If in doubt, please look at the macro first in the Macro Editor, especially if you have re-mapped your Calculator key or have F10 defined in your C:\_DAT\DEFAULT.MAC file. Please email us if you find any errors.

The Bank of Montreal updates their information at noon on weekdays.
Identifying currencies: by country name (Britain) by currency name (Pound)
by ISO code (GBP)
Optional: Identify your macro:
If you make multiple currency tables, use a description to make more readable bookmarks.
In case of missing data: Warn me & don't build Build it anyway

First screen:

Second screen:

Third screen:


This is modeled on H. Shrikumar's "Qoblas" system macro. Unfortunately the page on which his depended disappeared after AOL abandoned GNN, so something had to be done. Thanks to Shrikumar's insights into the data structure of the System Macros I was able to write my own using Linux (thanks, Linus!) to dump the byte structure...

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