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re-started cleanup of all the HPLX Stuff. Website (HTMLpart) works again, CGI still 2 be tackled. Thaddeus links/resources need to be cleaned-up, too. But I've also fixed the screen-capture display on the S.U.P.E.R files ... despite the fact that currently the download does not work :-(
Send me a mail if you find other stuff ....

peb atttt eberl dotttt com

Added a couple of entries to the Mod's section with a couple of great Japan resources.

Added theEntry about the HP200-Bluetooth-Hack in the hacking area.

Added the form for the HPLX-USB Extension board query. The query form can be found at have fun.!
re-arranged the left column on the frontpage, moved the HP-mods-links upwards

Added, triggered by a nice mod from Japan, a link section with comments

Complete re-do and re-setup of the HP200LX-Server and going back to MASON 1.44. CGI-files for SUPER work again, horay!!
On the way the 2012-conversion of news to the DB was lost (again). The DB-Table wasn't migrated .... and after 9 month I currently need to reconsider if I'll move that stuff to the db. Also the HPLX-Mailing-list subscriber update is currently not completely real-time, as it was on the old server. Too much moveing around information. I'll have to check on the architecture on how to incorporate that again to real-time.

Breakdown of SUPER functionality after migration of servers. Suddenly the new MASON environment does not work with CGI files anymore.

Exact date somewhere in my notes. news.html converted to DB access.

enhanced news.html to also incorporate the header. Preparations ongoing to get the news.html content into the database (module in testing right now). Should, including a small rework of news.html design, be ready by the end of the week.

small changes in the modules. Now the number of active subscribers is directly integrated into the text for the mailing list. Also the main page of the site changed due to that, I've removed that doubled information (no of subscribers).


Mainpage rebuild with MASON modules. At the moment Quick&Dirty, but it seems to work. Now I have to cleanup the created modules for the single articles ... and create new content.

Finaly switched the site to MASON.


Small modifications started / reneabled on the site, like the number of current subscribers on the main page. Figure is updated daily ...

Modifications to m-list.html done -- Thanks to Daniel for providing me with the starter.

Slight modification in the background. Now the counting of the mailinglist-subscribers picks up the right file, not a backup copy .... so fixing the problem, that I always get the same number of subscribers reported :-(
Yu shall always test thoroughly yur modules, dude :-)

slight modifications on the html in the background. Mailinglist and website should by now be stable, the DNS setup was thoroughly verified over the last couple of weeks and seems to work. And, best of all: the mailinglist and the website are again backuped-up daily!.

Fixed a couple of bugs in the scripts for S.U.P.E.R to get the files to the people .-)

OK, I'm now at the new server after a server file system crash on the old one. And to make things worse, even the backups are screwed.

But, every catastrophe also has it 's goodies: I'm now again able to control the server HTML publishing with MASON, so I'll add a couple of long-planned functionalities step by step.

Hope you enjoy it, provide feedback and discussions on the mailing list

ATTENTION: we now need the tag 'mail.' before the

to Subscribe to the list send an email to with the subject "subscribe". Rest should be self-explanatory.


Since some of you get tired of sifting through the site to see if I've gotten industrious and added something new, here's a simple running tally of the new stuff: